Abbott i-STAT

TRACK-TBI has partnered with Abbott to test its prototype TBI point-of-care device. The i-STAT handheld blood analyzer and blood test under development can be used at the patient’s bedside to detect elevated levels of TBI biomarkers like GFAP and UCHL-1. Blood samples are collected from subjects who have consented to genetic and proteomic analysis within 24 hours of injury. All samples are dated, time stamped and collected in adherence to TBI-Common Data Elements guidelines for plasma preparations. Samples are centrifuged and aliquots stored at -80° C for future batch processing. Staff at TRACK-TBI sites that are participating in the i-STAT study have undergone specialized training by Abbott to ensure the integrity of the specimen collection. After specimen acquisition, samples are stored in a de-identified manner, with unique sub-study numbers specific to site and subject. A centralized database is maintained at UCSF, the coordinating center, with each site entering site-specific data for final statistical reporting.