Abbott i-STAT

TRACK-TBI has partnered with Abbott to test its prototype TBI point-of-care device. The i-STAT handheld blood analyzer and blood test under development can be used at the patient’s bedside to detect elevated levels of TBI biomarkers like GFAP and UCHL-1. The study aims to enroll ~1100 subjects over 2 years across the Network sites. We will be enrolling subjects who present with a suspected TBI (according to ACRM criteria) within 12 hours of the injury and who have a CT scan ordered. We will be attempting to collect a blood draw within 0-12 hours AND within 12-24 hours as well as a handful of outcome assessments at enrollment and a full outcome battery at 2W, 6W, 3M, and 6M. There will also be an MRI and an additional blood draw each at 2W and 6M. Six sites are now enrolling participants for this study: UCSF,Universtiy of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, UT Austin, University of Pennsylvania, and Medical College of Wisconsin.